June 18 - 22, 2012 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hall 4, NEW stand no: F44

GEA Group will be participating in ACHEMA 2012
in its usual position in hall 4.0. 

ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. The 30th ACHEMA will again be the leading international meeting point for decision-makers and experts from all related industries.

GEA Pharma Systems at Achema 2012

Liquid and Solid dosage innovation in compression, containment and continuous processing at ACHEMA 2012.

GEA Pharma Systems will be demonstrating its solid dosage innovation in the areas of compression, containment and continuous processing at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt from 18-22 June. Exhibits will include the new bi-layer conversion system for the high-volume Performa™ P tablet press; the range of improved Buck® valves including the MC valve and Hicoflex®; the hugely successful and versatile FlexStream™ fluid bed technology; and the revolutionary concept of ConsiGma™ Direct Compression that can produce tablets direct from powders in a very cost effective and compact way.

Continuous processing
GEA Pharma Systems is a pioneer in the concept of continuous processing and lean manufacture – innovating today for a better, more productive future.

The ConsiGma™ direct compression is brand new so is being seen for the first time at ACHEMA 2012. An extension of ConsiGma™ launched four years ago: the first continuous, integrated manufacturing platform for pharmaceutical tablet production delivered to major pharma and generic manufacturers. The ConsiGma™ direct compression combines accurate feeding, continuous blending, Courtoy™ compression technology, and online measurement of CQAs.

The ConsiGma™-1 lab-scale, high shear granulation and drying continuous unit for fast and easy R&D, will be on show. ConsiGma™-1 allows an extremely fast development of recipes and process which can be transferred to production scale ConsiGma™ lines without the need for scale-up, as the determining factor for batch size is running time – not the size of the equipment.

GEA Pharma Systems is the technology leader in containment for processing highly potent compounds providing the highest yields and levels of operator and environmental protection available.

The UltimaPro™ 10 is a Single Pot Processor that allows contained processing of small batches of highly potent active ingredients - including mixing, granulation and drying - in a single machine. It is designed for production of low-volume clinical or commercial drugs such as oncology products. The technology is especially suitable for products with organic solvents, allows for changeovers in less than two hours, and is capable of processing effervescents and all high potent pharmaceuticals in the most productive way available in the industry.

Also on display is a complete small scale granulation line that shows the process from dispensed raw materials to finished tablet. The system on show demonstrates the entire process – including high shear granulation, pelletization and blending, etc. and features the award-winning Lighthouse Probe ™ that prevents product sticking to observation windows of the process analyser and thus creating false readings.

The range of Buck® high containment valves will be represented on the stand by the Buck® MC Valve and Hicoflex®. The Buck® MC Valve is a low-cost simple device that allows the safe transfer of toxic materials between one IBC and another without the need for a vacuum between the discs. Hicoflex® is the world’s first disposable, flexible coupling that allows active ingredients and chemical powders to be transferred and contained, allowing manufacturers to use flexible bags for transferring highly active materials, saving time, validation and reducing production cost.

<small>New at Achema 2012: <b>PERFORMA™ P, now with a<br>bi-layer conversion system</b></small>
New at Achema 2012: PERFORMA™ P, now with a
bi-layer conversion system
Tablet compression is a key technology for GEA Pharma Systems and the company is launching a new product development at ACHEMA this year: The established Courtoy™ PERFORMA™ P, now with a bi-layer conversion system that quickly transforms the standard machine making it capable of both single- and bi-layer production. The PERFORMA™ P is already known for its outstanding high-output performance and unique compression technology featuring innovative process capabilities such as full dwell time control and equal porosity tabletting.

Also on show is the new improved-design 300kg load PL P ost Hoist Blender from Buck Systems™. The extension to the low end of the range includes a rack and pinion lifting mechanism for a more stable movement, and a simpler IBC clamping system.

No GEA Pharma Systems stand would be complete without FlexStream™ the ultimate in fluid bed flexibility that offers granulation, drying and coating in a single processor with built in linear scale-up. The FlexStream™ concept requires no mechanical adjustment when switching between the drying, granulating a coating modes.

Liquid processing and freeze drying
As well as the latest technology for solid dosage, GEA Pharma Systems will be showcasing its expertise in liquid processing and freeze drying.

On show will be the Lyophil™ ALUS system (Automatic Load and Unload System) for pharmaceutical freeze dryers and LYOPLUS® the latest development from GEA Lyophil that detects small traces of silicone oil within the dryer; monitors moisture content; and performs fast chamber leak tests all from a single unit. By performing all these tests LYOPLUS® improves productivity, reduces power consumption and minimises the environmental impact of the process to save the user time and money.

GEA Diessel, the liquid pharma expert within GEA, will present its latest stainless steel fermenter vessel that demonstrates the current technology for connecting transfer lines in a disposable as well as stainless steel design.

GEA Diessel will be displaying the IZMAG™ stainless steel electromagnetic flow meter that features individual calibration, a wide range of optional functions and an excellent cost/benefit ratio. Also on display will be GEA Diessel’s DICON™ in-line blending technology: a flexible and cost-saving system for mixing liquid products without mixing tanks with applications throughout the food & beverage, home & body care, and liquid pharma sectors.

GEA Pharma Systems will have experienced technical and sales staff available on the stand throughout the show – Hall 4, Stand F44.

More information at Continuous Process, Containment & Compression or use our contact form if you require further information or to arrange an appointment to meet us during ACHEMA.

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30th International Exhibition Congress on
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