The patented Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept is a tremendous improvement on the exchangeable turret concept and offers very high containment with incomparable productivity and flexibility for tablet compression.

The ECM is much more than the conventional exchangeable die table. The ECM does not only contain the turret and compression tooling, but also all other product contact parts:

  • It is a completely contained closed box
  • Isolated from the remainder of the tablet press
  • Easily and quickly removed from the machine without breaking its isolation.

At the end of a production run:

  • The ECM can be removed from the machine in just 15 minutes.  
  • No machine cleaning is required, as all product contact parts and powder residues are encapsulated in and removed with the ECM.
  • The inside and outside of the press are left perfectly clean.
  • A duplicate clean ECM is installed in the machine in just another 15 minutes.

In other words, the tablet press can be changed over in 30 minutes and the complete line can be back in full production in less than one hour. This extremely short change-over time results in unmatched productivity and flexibility for tablet production.

The ECM is the basis of the Courtoy MODUL™ range of tablet presses, which consists of three types:

  • MODUL™ P: small-scale production and clinical trial batches
  • MODUL™ S: full-scale single-layer production
  • MODUL™ D: full-scale single-layer or bi-layer production

Special versions of the ECM include:

  • the High-Containment ECM (HC-ECM) with containment down to 1 g/m3 (available on MODUL™ P and MODUL™ S)
  • the Wash-off-Line ECM (WOL-ECM) for high-containment processing of potent and toxic fomulations (available on all MODUL™ presses)
  • the Bi-layer ECM for small-scale continuous bi-layer tabletting (available on MODUL™ P )