Interphex Japan, Hall 5, booth 49-30 - GEA Pharma Systems will feature:

Granulation & Drying:

Exhibit: -
 Aeromatic-Fielder™ FlexStream™ (patent pending) Fluid Bed Processing offers multiple processing from a single bowl providing both flexibility and cost benefits. 

Advantages of FlexStream™:

  • Only ONE product container for all unit operations
    Fluid Bed Granulator - Fluid Bed Dryer - Fluid Bed Coater, ALL in 1 container
  • Only one design/height for all unit operations
  • Reduced building envelope in both height and footprint
  • Built in linear scale up
  • Ready for fully contained loading and unloading
  • Superior product homogeneity both for LOD and PSD

PharmaConnect™ PMA™ High Shear<br>Granulation module - 60 litre
PharmaConnect™ PMA™ High Shear
Granulation module - 60 litre
Exhibit: - Aeromatic-Fielder™ PharmaConnect™ ‘plug and play’ approach enables a number of diverse process modules from GEA Pharma companies to be docked to ONE control module.

The primary processes are based around Aeromatic-Fielder’s PMA™ High Shear Granulator and Buck® Blending technology (both modules will be exhibited), providing the user with the ability to process batches from 100g up to 25kg and over.

A range of standard bowl sizes are available to handle batch quantities of:

  • 1 and 3 litres for development scale, the optimal choice for the first steps in recipe and process development using very small quantities of active material
  • 5, 10, and 15 litres, an intermediate scale for continuation of product development
  • 30 and 60 litre for pilot scale production

However, the modular format of PharmaConnect™ allows special modules to be used for customer’s specific needs. For example non-standard capacities, different shapes, or even different materials such as glass.

In addition to the typical high shear granulation process, Aeromatic-Fielder is also offering
PharmaConnect® modules for its NICA™ Extruder and Spheronizer pelletizing system and for its TRV high speed blender. Further modules for other GEA pharma products will be available in the future.

No other supplier offers the complete range of granulation and drying processes: the
combined brands of Aeromatic-Fielder™ and Collette™ deliver high shear and fluid
bed systems, single pot systems, and Consigma™, the first ever continuous high
shear granulation and drying system, set to revolutionize pharmaceutical processing.

  • The most comprehensive range of single pot technology
  • FlexStream™ (patent pending): a multi-functional processor with drying, granulation, pellet coating and optional tablet coating in one product bowl
  • Consigma™, a unique continuous granulation and drying process that drastically reduces time to market of new medicines and enables the move to a 6-Sigma process
  • Modular PharmaConnect™ high shear granulators for development
  • Highest number of CIP installations in the market
  • Highest number of integrated installations
  • Unique solution for handling solvent-based granulation processes
  • Modern test and application centres including the capability to produce drugs for human consumption
  • World class support for process development or transfer
  • Full range of lab and pilot-scale equipment for initial granulation test work
  • In-house expertise for containment within fluid beds, granulators or integrated lines

Contained Materials Handling

 featuring the NEW Buck® MC Valve - 'Only passive valves'
The Buck® MC Valve uses only passive valves (with no drive units) so is entirely compatible with the valves fitted to most IBCs. Until now it has been necessary to use split valve technology to discharge product from an IBC safely. This works well when discharging to the process line however, if ingredients are to be transferred from one IBC to another, or from an IBC to a double cone dryer for example, it has always been necessary to use an active to active unit in between as an interface. This is no longer necessary with the Buck® MC Valve.

No vacuum needed
The Buck® MC Valve is a simple method of transferring bulk chemicals that eliminates the need for a vacuum between the discs. It has very few moving parts, needs no lubrication and the product-touching parts can be released quickly by hand with a simple tool. Reducing the number of moving parts and standardising the components has allowed Buck® to reduce the cost of the Buck® MC Valve compared with competitive products.

A new MC passive valve will be seen at Interphex Japan, that can be disassembled without the need of any tools making it very easy to take apart for cleaning.

EXHIBIT: - Hicoflex® disposable containment system
The choice of some of the world’s largest generic manufacturers

Hicoflex®, is the world’s first flexible coupling that allows highly sensitive or toxic powders, that would traditionally have been fed from rigid IBCs, to be fed directly from FIBCs, sacks and Big Bags. This allows manufacturers to consider supplying these materials in flexible transport containers to help keep costs under control.

Self-locking for better containment
The Hicoflex® SL is a self-locking version that operates using a split coupling principle, similar to the Buck® Valve technology. Two complementary half couplings are docked to each other, forming a combined coupling, which then opens and closes together for the contained decanting and undocking process. It is inexpensive, operates automatically and is designed for operation in areas requiring up to 1-10 mcg/m3 dust emission containment. The new Hicoflex® SL extra, on show at Interphex Japan, can even be used in areas requiring up to 0.1-1 mcg/m3 dust emission containment. It can be fitted to a flexible bag and can be kept or disposed of after use with the bag itself.

BUCK® and BUCK SYSTEMS™ combine an in-depth understanding of containment requirements with a scope of supply ranging from an individual containment valve to a complete contained materials handling system.

These systems provide high personal and product protection during all stages of the processing of highly potent APIs, preventing the escape of dust and maintaining contamination-free interfaces.

Containment Features:

  • The Buck® MC Valve makes the contained handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients much easier and less expensive than has been possible in the past.
  • BUCK® invented the use of split-valve technology for the contained handling of active materials
  • Widest range of split-valves including unique new modular split valve design
  • Market leader Hicoflex™ for disposable containment solutions
  • Award winning solutions for multi-floor installations, highly active APIs with poor flow characteristics

Powder Management:

Tablet Compression

MODUL™ P tablet press for R&D and<br>clinical trial production
MODUL™ P tablet press for R&D and
clinical trial production
EXHIBIT - featuring the GEA Courtoy MODUL™ P Rotary Tablet Press from GEA Courtoy for fast product changeover, containment and versatility
The MODUL™ P is equipped with the patented ECM offering extremely fast product change-over, inherently better product containment and unmatched versatility. The MODUL™ P can easily be equipped with a WOL-ECM for high-containment applications or with a BL-ECM for bi-layer tablet production. With the standard C-ECM the MODUL™ P is perfect for a multi-product production environment where unmatched productivity is achieved thanks to product changeover times down to one quarter of conventional exchangeable turret machines.

Advanced Technology:

  • Air compensator at pre-compression offering extremely long and freely-adjustable dwell time. This results in perfect de-aeration of the powder bed prior to main compression, completely eliminating or significantly reducing capping problems - even at high speed.
  • Air compensator at final compression allows compression to equal force rather than to equal thickness. Equal force or 'equal porosity' compression applies exactly the same peak compression force to every tablet independent of variations in tablet weight and punch length thereby significantly reducing variability in tablet hardness, dissolution time and bio-availability. Equal force compression is particularly beneficial for the production of ODT (Orally Disintegrating Tablets) and MUPS (Multiple Unit Pellets System) as these require low and accurately-controlled compression forces. Equal force compression has also proven to reduce significantly capping and sticking with delicate formulations caused by too high or too low peak forces.
  • Dual Control, providing simultaneous and continuous weight and hardness control through two independent control loops. Dual Control has proven to increase productivity and reduce powder losses as it drastically reduces machine stops due to IPC checks out of specification.

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