Our High Shear Granulator plants and granulation and drying process expertise is based on experience and R&D. With plants installed around the world and literally thousands of tests performed, we have established a solid base of expertise related to the needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Every pharmaceutical plant and system from GEA Pharma Systems is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. Based on standard components such as Aeromatic-Fielder™ and Collette™ high shear granulators, mixers and fluid bed dryers, we supply plants for cGMP production configured to meet the customer’s specific requirements. For full compliance with national, local and in-house regulations, GEA Pharma Systems offers a range of emission control options including solvent recovery systems, outlet filters and full containment plants. Equipment can be supplied to meet explosion-proof and pressure shock standards as required.

Where inspiration meets technology: 

  • R&D totally contained Granulation line - The system is aimed at producers of small quantities of highly potent compounds. The intelligent contained handling systems inherent in the GEA Pharma pilot plant allow it to be flexible, efficient, clean and safe without the need for expensive, bulky and difficult to clean isolator systems.

High Shear Mixer and Granulator with Aeromatic-Fielder™ PMA-Classic™ and PMA-Advanced™
The Aeromatic-Fielder™ High Shear PMA™ Mixer and Granulator is a multi-purpose processor equally suitable for high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent production and melt pelletization.

Using proven standard components, GEA Pharma Systems can supply both simplicity and flexibility in plant design. User selected process options, cleaning equipment, control systems and PAT technologies combine in a system to meet process requirements exactly. This approach ensures that qualification and validation procedures are kept to a minimum ... Read more

High Shear Mixer and Granulator with Collette™ Gral™ and UltimaGral™
Whether the customer’s requirement is for mixing or granulation, GEA Pharma Systems has a solution for every processing challenge. With both low shear planetary mixers and high shear granulators in the range, Collette™ can help select the technology that is most suitable for the product and process.

GEA Pharma Systems nv, Collette™ has supplied mixer and granulator systems to various industries for more than a century, and to the pharmaceutical industry in particular for more than 50 years. Based on this experience, Collette™ supplies advanced solids processing systems for mixing, granulating and drying in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes small capacity systems designed for R & D as well as industrial size plants for batch production of pharmaceutical compounds under cGMP conditions ... Read more
PharmaConnect® by Aeromatic-Fielder™
The PharmaConnect® ‘plug and play’ approach enables a number of diverse process modules from GEA Pharma companies to be docked to ONE control system.

The primary processes are based around Aeromatic-Fielder’s PMA™ High Shear Granulator technology, providing the user with the ability to process batches from 100g up to 25kg and over ... Read more