Controlling tablets’ individual weight is critical to tablet pressing. Two factors that are difficult to control, yet are fundamental to a tablet’s bioavailability and clinical effect, are tensile strength and disintegration rate. This article will examine a recent development in tablet compression that enables consistent tablet production. The article will explain how the development’s flexibility can
take into account the critical factors in tablet production and improve tablet quality.

Traditional tablet presses measure a tablet’s weight either by measuring its variation in tablet height at precompression or the force at main compression. These techniques, however, overlook one fundamental characteristic: tensile strength. A tablet’s tensile strength influences its bioavailability and clinical effect, which are crucial characteristics for any dosage form.

Author: Johan Van Evelghem is Sales Director for GEA Pharma Systems - Courtoy™ Compression, Halle - Belgium

Published in Pharmaceutical Technology, May 2008.