The brands & companies of GEA Pharma Systems:

GEA Pharma Systems, know-how on a global scale
GEA Pharma Systems is a global specialist in solid and liquid dose technology for the pharmaceutical industry. As part of the Process Engineering segment of the GEA Group, with manufacturing and technology centres in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Singapore, and the USA, and additional manufacturing facilities worldwide including India and China, we provide the services the pharmaceutical industry needs. Test facilities … technical know-how … process evaluation … product development … market-leading technology … project management … ongoing support.

The history of GEA Pharma
GEA Pharma Systems was formed early in the year 2000 after GEA Group acquired the pharmaceutical division of GEI International. The newly acquired brands Buck®  - containment interfaces solutions and Buck Systems™ - contained materials handling, Collette™ - continuous granulation & single pot technology, Courtoy™ - tablet compression,  were combined into GEA Pharma Systems along with the existing GEA brands, Aeromatic-Fielder™ and NICA™- granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating.

In November 2005, followed the acquisition of the lyophilization business of Steris Gmbh by GEA Group and the renaming of the company into GEA Lyophil it joined the other pharma brands in GEA Pharma Systems. GEA Lyophil supplies specialist freeze drying technology for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

More recently, the pharma segment of GEA Diessel has joined GEA Pharma Systems. GEA Diessel supplies process systems for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals, including: complete plant and components for the production of syrup, suspensions, parenterals, and processing of blood plasma as well as plant for the production, storage, and distribution of clean utilities. Systems for the preparation of media, fermentation, and purification for the production of vaccines, therapeutic and biotechnologically manufactured agents are also part of the scope of supply.

GEA Pharma Systems today

GEA Pharma Systems is the leading international supplier of advanced processing equipment for the manufacturing of oral, parenteral & topical dosage forms for the pharmaceutical & Biotech industries.

GEA Pharma Systems’ activities include partnering with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness; the supply of R&D-scale and stand-alone production equipment; as well as complete integrated production lines.

Where Inspiration meets Technology

For GEA Pharma Systems, innovation is the key to our success and to continued prosperity for our customers. In fact it’s more than that. We know that by continually stretching the boundaries of what is possible in pharmaceutical processing we have the ability to support our Customers in enhancing the opportunities available to millions of people all over the world. This is what drives our business.

Our inspired innovation takes many forms and affects all parts of the process. We innovate to increase production and reduce costs, to improve containment and safeguard the workforce, to achieve better clinical effectiveness and to enhance quality control. At GEA Pharma Systems the innovation never stops – it’s just part of what we do.

For example we have pioneered Pharma spray drying to provide unprecedented control of particle form and release profile for drug development, meeting the most demanding clinical needs. FlexStream™ (patent pending): our new fluid bed processor offers multiple processing from a single bowl providing both flexibility and cost benefits. MODUL™ and PERFORMA™ tablet presses combine unrivalled containment with fast product change-over and high productivity. The Buck® MC Valve makes the contained handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients much easier and less expensive than has been possible in the past. ConsiGma™: a unique continuous granulation, drying and tableting process that drastically reduces time to market of new medicines and enables the move to a 6-Sigma process; and PharmaConnect™ which enables diverse GEA development equipment to be docked into a single ‘plug and play’ module with full cGMP compliance.

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GEA Pharma Systems is part of GEA Process Engineering segment

GEA Process Engineering develops designs and sells production plants for the dairy, brewery & beverage, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With a turnover of more than EUR 1,7 billion in 2012 and 5,500 employees working in 50 companies in more than 40 countries, GEA Process Engineering is the world leader in industrial processing within its core industries.

GEA Process Engineering is recognized as the world leader within liquid and powder process engineering.

GEA know-how with GEA Group

GEA Process Engineering is one of the six segments of GEA Group

As an internationally operating technology group the company focuses on process technology and components for demanding production processes in various end markets. GEA Group is a market and technology leader in the majority of its business lines, with over 24,500 employees worldwide, serving customers in 50 countries and a EUR 5.7 billion revenue in 2012.

The company is listed in the MDAX index (G1A, WKN 660200). In addition GEA Group has a sponsored level I ADR program in the USA.

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