<small>Multiple LYOVAC™ Freeze Dryers with Transfer Cart</small>
Multiple LYOVAC™ Freeze Dryers with Transfer Cart
Automation and contamination prevention
There is an increasing trend towards greater process automation to ensure product consistency and the safety of operators when handling toxic materials. GEA Lyophil’s LYOVAC™ production systems provide the highest level of automation by integrating Freeze Dryers, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems,  Isolators and other components while enabling Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to be used to monitor production throughout the process.

A typical Freeze Dryer Production System incorporates the following components:

Every system is designed to allow high productivity while maintaining total control over the process. These systems also give priority to the issues of product integrity and operator protection and come with built-in CIP/SIP systems and in-line quality control through PAT.

Integration Skills

Various production systems incorporating ALUS™, RABs or isolators and CIP-Skids of different suppliers with their LYOVAC™ Freeze Dryers have proven GEA Lyophil’s integration skills and ability for successful managing projects with different partners.

System Configurations
GEA Lyophil production systems fulfill the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for reliable, validated production. GEA Lyophil can deliver both standard and customized plant configurations and make sure that individual process requirements are met.

Depending on the customers’ space and installation requirements, the production freeze dryer plant can be installed on one or two floors, as pass-through units with loading and unloading on different sides of the freeze dryer or with loading/unloading on the same side. There is a big variety of configurations GEA Lyophil has designed and installed.